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by Udoo
74 kr

Humidity Sensor Kit (UDOO)

Enhanced functionality is vital for the optimal utilization of the modern day single-board open-space computers. UDOO X86 and UDOO NEO are a couple of highly reliable single-board modules used by thousands of developers across the globe but there always remains a need for additional support. Here comes the official UDOO Humidity Sensor Kit compatible with X86 and NEO. This Humidity Brick comes with a cable which support the cascade configuration. The Brick is an efficient humidity sensor thanks to S1700-A20.

Humidity Sensor Kit Components

  • The Official UDOO Humidity Sensor Brick
  • A Cable to support the cascade configuration


AI rules the tech-world and it continues to become more challenging with the passage of time. The developers are now looking for upscale sensor support and this Humidity Sensor Kit adds to the AI sensor functionality helping the developers to come up with even better, effective, reliable and amazing results.