PiFace Relä+ + Extra Motor dubbla tilläggskort

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PiFace Relä+ + Exrta Motor dubbla tilläggskort två roliga tilläggskretskort som enkelt låter dig arbeta med Raspberry Pi och motorer. De två korten gör att du kan både köra framåt och backa med DC motorn.


PiFace MOTOR CONTROL EXTRA is a expander board to the PIFACE RELAY+ board adding two H-Bridge motor controllers to the PiFace RELAY+ to control DC and stepper motors in your programs. PiFace MOTOR CONTROL EXTRA requires PiFace RELAY+ board to work your Raspberry Pi.

  • Two H-Bridge motor controllers on board
  • Works with DC and stepper motors
  • Can be used on a breadboard but needs PiFace RELAY+ to be used with Raspberry Pi

This product must be used inconjunction with PiFace Relay+ (SC13679)

Produktspecifikationer, dokument med mera

  • Används tillsammans med Raspberry Pi 2 och 3 Model B, Raspberry Pi Model B+/A+
  • Core-arkitektur: ARM
  • Core Sub-Arkitektur: ARM11
  • Funktioner: 2 Dual H­bridge Motor Drivers, Drives 4 DC Motors, Compact Size, Raspberry Pi HAT Footprint
  • Kit Innehåll: Relay+ Board och Motor Extrakort
  • SVHC-ämne: To Be Advised
  • Silikoncore nummer: BCM2835
  • Silikonfamilj namn: BCM2xxx
  • Kretskortstillverkare: tillverkare: Broadcom


In English

Technical description

PiFace RELAY+ is a HAT compliant and stackable quad relay output daughter card providing for simple on/off control of loads up to 1A DC from your Raspberry Pi programs. Works with model B+ and newer Raspberry Pi models with a 40pin GPIO header. Get a huge amount of expansion, by stacking up to eight PiFace RELAY+ boards together with an expander board plugged into each. HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) compliant to work with future Raspberry Pi models and other HAT compatible daughter boards. PiFace RELAY+ comes with pillars/stand-offs to support and mount on top of the Raspberry Pi and an extended 40-way connector. A downloadable suite of Python based software is available allowing users to interact with any connected devices.

  • Four relay outputs for on/off control of loads up to 1A DC
  • Works with model B+ and newer Raspberry Pi models with 40 pin GPIOs
  • Stackable with up to eight more PiFace Relay+ boards with an expander board on each
  • HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) compliant

Only Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+ and B+