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by Onion
185 kr

Servo (PWM) Expansion

Omega was missing the support of Pulse Width Modulation and the Servo (PWM) Expansion is here to serve the purpose. The addition of this remarkable feature to the Omega results in a revolutionary change. The omega becomes more functional and efficient in working helping to get much better results. The expansion helps you to generate 16 different PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) signals allowing you to control whatever you desire from servos, LED brightness and DC Motor speed etc. Each of the PWM channels on the Servo (PWM) Expansion features 3 pin connectors. Different projects demand for a reliable connection to the servos and in fact, it is more preferable need at resent.


  • 3 pins are contained by Each PWM channel
  • There are 16 PWM Channels on the expansion
  • 12 bits Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Signal Resolution
  • 1526Hz PWM signal frequency  (at maximum)
  • Supportive to 24Hz PWM signal frequency (at minimum)
  • 9us resolution at 50Hz


  • Involvement of H-Bridge makes the expansion much suitable for different projects including moving devices
  • LEDs control with precision is ensured by the expansion
  • Helpful in driving a DC motor
  • Helpful in controlling different moving parts of a robot
  • It allows you to control the intensity of LEDs. Thus helping in demonstration of an impressive light-show
  • And of course, easy and quick servo connection allows you to save your time


The built-in oscillator allows the expansion to provide support to the Pulse Width Modulate (PWM) signal frequency across a broader range up to 1526Hz max. In short, the expansion is a great addition to the Omega, responsible for enhancing its efficiency.


Remember! Without expansion headers, the Servo (PWM) Expansion is not compatible with the Docks.