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89 kr

Raspberry Pi 3 Clear Acrylic Case

This is another variation of the 9-layer Raspberry Pi 3 Acrylic Case and the kit includes a cooling fan in addition to the case layers. This is a comprehensive offer for better protection and efficient performance of your Raspberry Pi 3 computer. The layers only requires 4 nylon bolts which hold them together into a box shape. There’s no hardware required to assemble the parts. The design reflects delicacy, sophistication, and creativity. You need not to worry about the heating issue during extensive processing because now you’ll have an awesome cooling fan and a heatsink to assist the processing unit.


  • 9-Layer high-quality and reliable acrylic case
  • Easy assembly
  • Attractive, delicate, and reliable
  • Comes with a cooling fan
  • Exclusive to the Raspberry Pi 3 computers
  • The kit pouch everything together so you can even carry the board and its components inside your pocket without worrying about creating a mess
  • Dimensions (L x W) = 6.5” x 4” (Assembled into a unit)

The Kit

  1. 1x Kit Pouch
  2. 9-Sliced Acrylic Layers
  3. 1x Cooling Fan


The Raspberry Pi 3 Clear Acrylic Case lets you forget about the risk of damaging the Raspberry Pi 3 board or any of its components. The material is highly reliable and it allows you to look inside the back as the material is transparent. The case box keeps everything well intact and supports the CPU with the cooling fan which comes with the case. This is the perfect choice for your Raspberry Pi 3 computer. You’ll surely love having one of these!