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Raspberry Pi 3 Acrylic Case – 9 Layers

The impressive Raspberry Pi 3 Acrylic Case features is a 9-layer case box which supports all the connectors of the Pi case inside including USB connector, Micro SD Card, Audio/Video, Power, and GPIO cutouts. The case features air vents to ensure proper ventilation. It’s a high-quality case that supports 5V/0.2A DC fan. If you want to ensure flawless protection of your Raspberry Pi board then this is the case box you need to consider.


  • The case box features 9-Layers
  • Cutouts to support Power, USB, Audio/Video, LAN, GPIO, and MicroSD Card slots and connectors
  • Ensures excellent ventilation via air vents
  • Compatible with 5V/0.2A DC Colling Fan
  • Exclusive for Raspberry Pi 3
  • Transparent material allows you to keep an eye on all the board components
  • 4x Nylon Bolts firmly hold the layers together
  • Snap-fit mounting
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 90mm x 70mm x 25mm


The Raspberry Pi 3 Acrylic Case is highly reliable to secure the Pi board. During installation, you need to be careful with the central layers as they are a bit fragile. The layers feature protective films which you need to peel off before setting it up. Start building the box from bottom layers.  The connector cutouts have been carved precisely in accordance with the board’s components.  Overall, it is a top choice, stylish as well as remarkably strong and reliable!