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425 kr

Orange Pi Plus 2E

If you are still not satisfied with the specifications of the Orange Pi computers, the Orange Pi Plus 2E comes forward with outstanding features. The Orange Pi Plus 2E features 2GB (DDR3) along with other impressive features associated to the memory. It also supports different smart devices including smart TV, smart-phones, and tabs.


  • Quad-Core H3  (H.265/HEVC 4K Cortex-A7 Powerful Processor
  • Upgraded SDRAM (2GB DDR3) GPU Shared
  • Onboard Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11 b/n/g) supporting for Realtek (RTL8189ETV)
  • (Mali400MP2) 600MHz GPU along with (2.0) OpenGL ES support
  • CCIR656 connector camera (PAL) protocol and (NTSC) protocol, CMOS YUV422 8-bit (sensor interface)
  • 16GB EMMC (onboard storage) along with  addition of  MMC Card support up to (32GB) TF Card
  • Supports different (video) outputs including (HDMI CEC, HDMI with HDCP, integrated CVBS, simultaneous (video) output of CVBS, HDMI (30-function) and HDMI
  • 1080pixels resolution video quality supportive at the rate of 30 f/sec.
  • Supports (audio) input through MIC
  • The  Pi Plus 2E is supportive to( HDMI) as well as (3.5mm Jack)
  • Compatible with Direct Current power supply
  • (1x) 2.0 USB (OTG)
  • (Onboard) Ethernet RJ45 10/100/1000M
  • The board is supportive to various video outputs including, (SM pixel) camera sensor and SI
  • (SW3) Recovery Button
  • Compatible with (Raspberry Pi B+)
  • (3x) 2.0 USB HOST
  • (SW2) Uboot Button
  • (UART) 1x3 Pin (GPIO) Ground
  • Power (LED) and Status (LED)
  • IR (Input) Power Key
  • Compatible with the various Operating Systems including Debian, Android, Ubuntu and Raspbian Image
  • (SW4) Power Button
  • Dimensions = 108mm(L) x 67mm (W)
  • Weighs only 83-grams


The OPi Plus 2E is very efficient, cost-friendly, credible and reliable. It is considered as a better alternative to the Raspberry Pi 3 and Odroid C2. Anyhow, there is an only drawback of OPi Plus 2E that is absence of Bluetooth. But, no need to worry about the drawback because Bluetooth Dongle is there to cover the gap.