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465 kr

Orange Pi PC2

The Orange Pi family continues to lead when it comes about introducing the most influential and effective tiny creature like open source single board computers. The Orange Pi PC2 is another great addition to the Orange Pi family with a plenty of valuable features. Being compatible with various operating systems along with Ubuntu makes the smartly developed single board computer more precious.

Orange Pi PC2 Specifications

  • (Cortex-A53) Quad-Core 64-bit H5 based
  • Powered by Java acceleration hardware
  • Hexa-Core (Mali450) High-Performance (GPU)
  • GFlops (40) with better Pixel fill over 2.7GPixel/s
  • floating-point (Coprocessor) integrated hardware
  • 1 (OpenVG ) along with the EGL and OpenGL (ES 2.0/1.1/1.0)
  • The anti-aliasing (4X) engine Full scene oversampled without the requirement of using additional bandwidth
  • Equipped with a multimedia acceleration engine
  • Ethernet connectivity (RJ45 1000M/100M )support
  • (1GB) SDRAM DDR3 memory
  • Supporting a camera sensor SM Pixel
  • (CCIR656) protocol support of (PAL/NTSC)
  • sensor interface support (8-bit) YU422 CMOS
  • (2MB) NOR Flash support through TF Card up to (32GB)
  • Configuration supporting (1080p) resolution video input at 30 frames/second
  • Configuration supportive to integrated CVBS,  HDMI CEC, HDMI/HDCP, HDMI/CVBS (simultaneously) and 30-function HDMI  
  • camera connector support (CSI input)
  • features a Jack 3.3mm (audio output) and HDMI
  • Supports Direct Current (input) power supply
  • Support (MIC) audio input
  • (1x )2.0 USB (OTG)
  • Compatible with Raspbian, Ubuntu, Debian and Android
  • (SW4 )Power Button and (IR) input Power Key
  • (1x3) pin (GPIO) Ground, UART
  • Status and Power LEDs
  • Compatible with (Raspberry Pi B+)
  • 3x (2.0) USB HOST
  • Weighs Just 70-grams
  • L x W = 85mm x 55mm

Orange Pi PC2 Description        

The Orange Pi PC2 features (1GB) SDRAM and H5 Cortex-A53 along with a cost-friendly (64-bit) Quad-Core single board unit. The most interesting feature of the OPi PC2 is its incredibly low price.