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by Udoo
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M.2 Dual Ethernet Module Kit

If you’re looking for highly reliable and stable Ethernet connectivity for your development projects then M.2 Dual Ethernet Module Kit is arguably the best choice we can ever have. When plugged into the M.2 slot of CN20, three different Gigabit Ethernet ports are obtained by the UDOO X86 board.


  • An M.2 2260 module, which embeds a PCI-e packet switch.
  • A1014WVA-S-2x15P
  • 2 x 15p, straight, male, low profile, P1, polarised
  • A daughter-board
  • Twisted pairs connecting the cable


M.2 Dual Ethernet Module Kit virtually separates the PCI-e x2 Port, coming from the UDOO X86 board into two separated PCI-e ports, that give rise to support each Gigabit Ethernet controller. The Gigabit from the controller the Ethernet interfaces originate is carried to the connector type HR. cable connected to the twisted pair help in connection of M.2 module with the daughter board. In daughter-board, a connector that is identical to that available on the main two RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connectors and M.2 module with integrated transformer help in providing a firm connection.