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HiFiBerry DAC Standard (RCA Version)

The addition of RCA connectors makes the HiFiBerry DAC Standard much better option than the previous versions. For all your projects involving digital/analog audio conversion, this DAC version is arguably the best option. The HiFiBerry DAC Standard (RCA Version) is compatible with various Raspberry Pi boards including Pi Model A and Model B. This is one of the best solutions to generate top-quality playback audio. You don’t need to waste time in soldering unless you are dealing with the P5 header that requires 2x4-pin soldering. The updated RCA version allows you to use any RCA cable to establish the connection.


HiFiBerry DAC Standard RCA Features

  • Feature Burr-Brown DAC speeding up to 192kHz (24-bit) capable of generating outstanding sound quality
  • Supports ALSA-Mixer Volume Control Apps
  • Connects directly with the Raspberry Pi boards without requiring cable connections
  • Compatible with P5 headers with soldering
  • No need for external power supply
  • Comes with Ultra-Low Noise voltage regulator
  • RCA connector support
  • Supports 3.5mm Phone Jack (Optional)
  • Thanks to the Nylon Spacer, you can easily fix it on the Raspberry Pi board

Dimensions (cm)

13cm x 8cm x 2cm




Light-weight makes it way easier to handle with the Raspberry Pi board. Don’t forget that the HiFiBerry DAC RCA doesn’t support the boards without P5 headers. You’ll have to opt for the HiFiBerry DAC+ in the case of Raspberry Pi board without P5 Header. The specs are identical so there is no need to worry about the quality and reliability.