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by Udoo
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CPU Fan for UDOO X86

Heat is the greatest enemy for all CPUs and when it comes to high-performance development boards, it becomes more important to deal with the overheating problem otherwise the processing unit will be unable to perform at its best. The UDOO X86 is an impressive development board but the heat generation resists its performance. The CPU Fan for UDOO X86 is the simplest, most effective and low-cost solution to help the board maintain its performance level.

UDOO X86 CPU Fan Specifications


2x L16mm Self-Tapping M3




DC Fan


Ball Bearing

Operating Voltage

12V DC support


Wire Leads

Current Support

Direct Current (DC)

Dimensions (mm)

L x W x H = 29 x 29 x 10 millimeters

UDOO X86 CPU Fan Features

You’ll hardly feel the requirement of a CPU fan during ordinary and simple computation but you do need one to smoothly carry out the complex projects. UDOO X86 is a high-performance board and at the heat generation becomes inevitable in the case of upscale projects. You’ll want to slow things down for the fact that the CPU adjusts its performance to overcome the heat or keep the heat generation down as much as possible. The UDOO X86 CPU Fan shares the responsibility and keeps the processor cool. It helps the smooth and fast processing for hours after hours. Order one of these fans and forget about the overheating problem. This fan lets you keep the board working for hours. There is no need to shut the system down to let it cool down as the fan itself keeps the system cool for hours.