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40 Pin Rainbow GPIO 20cm Cable for Raspberry Pi B+

There is no doubt that the popularity of the open-space single boards is increasing by each passing day. It puts pressure on the board manufacturers to facilitate the users by fulfilling their customized needs. 40 Pin Rainbow GPIO 20cm Cable for Raspberry Pi is the demonstration of the fact that single board computers are not short of options. This 40 Pin GPIO cable serves various purposes. The cable features male/female ribbon jumper to help easy connectivity. This cable is more convenient substitute to conventional jumpers because you can split the ribbon as per your requirements.

40 Pin Rainbow GPIO 20cm Cable Specifications

  • Sufficient length i.e. 20cm
  • Male (pin) Female (Socket) configuration
  • 40 multicolor conductors
  • Receptacles/Pins square body
  • Designed to enhance Raspberry Pi Model B+ functionality
  • Weighs just 30-grams

40 Pin Rainbow GPIO 20cm Raspberry Pi B+ Cable Description

The cable is compatible with Pi B+ only. This cable establishes a reliable connection between a PCB/breadboard and Raspberry Pi B+. The I2C/SPI pins (for data reception/transmission) are compatible with High and Low voltage i.e. 3V and 5V.

Even 40 Pin GPIO Cable 20cm doesn’t satisfy all your needs then try using it with the T Cobbler Expansion. This DIY kit (40pin/GPIO) is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models and it doesn’t even require soldering. This combination of the Cobbler expansion and 40 Pin cable will open new doors and allow you work on newer ideas during your projects. It is all about enhancing the power and functionality of the Pi boards. When it comes to Raspberry, you don’t have wait for long to experience updates and enjoy new features. The outlook of the cable is also attractive and the use of multicolor combinations carries an eye-soothing effect. You’ll never regret purchasing one of these cables.