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5V/4A Power Supply UK Plug

by Odroid
85 kr

You can’t risk anything when it comes to current and voltage supply to your Mini-PCs. Substandard products may result in overheating, voltage overflow, and even short-circuit. Here comes the highly reliable 5V/4A Power Supply UK Plug to charge your PCs without having to worry about any mishap whatsoever.


  • Voltage Input: Compatible with AC 100 ~ 240
  • Voltage Output: 5V/4A DC output
  • The power adapter comes features switching mode
  • This power supply is UK compatible
  • Size (Diameter): Inner (+ve) 2.1mm / Outer (-ve) 5.5mm (These diameters are compatible with ODROID XU4)
  • Cable: 100cm long, i.e. 1m

Important Note

This 5V/4A Power Supply UK Plug is NOT compatible with

  • ODROID C1+

because these PCs are compatible with 0.8mm inner (+ve) diameter and 2.5mm outer (-ve) diameter.