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52 kr

KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case

KKSB is known for the most reliable cases exclusively designed for various single-board computers. The use of high-grade metal gives these cases an edge over the plastic cases. The KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case is a state of the art protective case for your Raspberry Pi ZERO, allowing fuss-free access to all the board’s components and connectors, including USB, Ethernet, and GPIO Header. The design is extremely attractive thanks to its curved edges and delicate finishing. The ZERO is also carved on the metal case which gives a carries a professional expression and also contributes to the additional ventilation.


  • Exclusively designed for the Raspberry Pi ZERO
  • Facilitates all the latest functions and connectors supported by the Raspberry Pi ZERO
  • Extremely reliable and attractive
  • State of the art finishing
  • Laser-cut-outs for various connectors and ribbon cable
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 72mm x 34mm x 19mm


  • 1x Case Lid
  • 1x Case Bottom
  • 1x Screw (Crosshead)
  • 2x Countersunk Screws (Crosshead)


The KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case is perhaps the best demonstration of the laser-cutting precision. The casing is extremely handy to protect the components of your Raspberry Pi ZERO. The dimensions, the design, and the finishing is highly impressive. You’ll fall in love with this tiny beauty!