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117 kr

KKSB Raspberry Pi Model A+ Case 

Among many other single-board computer brands, Raspberry Pi stands out both in terms of popularity and performance. Protection of the components of these boards is vital because they are easy to get damaged caused by a minor carelessness. The KKSB cases have proved to be highly useful when it comes to the protection of single-board computers. This is a reliable KKSB Raspberry Pi Model A + Case made of high standard stainless steel. It comes with smartly carved cutouts for ventilation and connectors.


  • Exclusively designed for the Raspberry Pi Model A+
  • Clean, compact and delicate design
  • Fine powder coated finishing
  • Ultimate precision thanks to the laser cut technology
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Features exist slot for the ribbon cable to easily access to 40-Pin GPIO header
  • A couple of countersunk Hex-Screws firmly attach the lid with the board
  • Exclusive cutout to accommodate the Raspberry Pi Camera
  • You can easily mount the heatsink if you like, though the longer and wider cutouts facilitate proper ventilation


The KKSB Raspberry Pi Model A+ Case features delicate openings for the USB, ribbon cable, Raspberry Pi camera module, and other connectors. The casing ensures efficient working with the Raspberry Pi Model A+ because proper alignment of the components helps smoother proceedings of the development projects. This board will serve you as long as you like to work with the Raspberry Pi Model A+.