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by Arduino
120 kr

Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB)

Before the Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) release, it was really a tough ask to design MEGA-Standard Arduino Pinout to facilitate the customized circuits. This shield, which is the 3rd revision, makes things fairly easier and save a lot of time. It is user-friendly, easy to handle, and best choice for the solderless breadboards. It makes it easier to solder various parts as per your needs. The board offer a suitable prototyping platform to facilitate quick soldering.

Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) Specifications

  • The Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) comes with an ICSP connector
  • The shield features Arduino Pinout 1.0
  • The footprint accommodates 14 SMD pins (50x mils pitch)
  • Contains a Reset Button
  • 32x Double-Row Through-Hole Pads
  • Comes with the Standard Arduino Breakout Layout
  • Sufficient area for prototyping offers 100x mils (Multiple-THT Pads)

Dimensions (L x W)

101.5mm x 53.3mm



Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) Description

Carrying just 13-grams, the Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) helps Arduino MEGA functionality with additional connectivity. You’ll find more and more space for new integrated circuits. There is enough space for the through-holes. This shield is the most efficient solution to work on the project which require custom-circuits, especially single module. Three screw holes help easy mounting of the shield on any surface. The pin configuration is same as of most of the Arduino boards, featuring x100-mil displacement but the rule doesn’t apply to the displacement between the pins 7 and 8 (160-mil). The connector pads support both, MOSI and MISO. The functionality of the shield has been upgraded, there is more space and it is easier to complete the soldering process in comparatively less time.